Author: Adam


The Greatest Wish That Is Never Made

What does it mean to be content? Perhaps a better question to ask is what would it take for someone to ‘be content’? It’s easy to say that given more money or belongings, you...


The Importance of Sprint +/- 1

Like everything in the world of programming, the way that we develop software changes along with how we develop it. The concepts of agile development have been around for a relatively long time, with...


Finding the Perfect Work/Life Balance

A lot of modern work today is geared around the work/life balance– and never have we worked less than we do today. We have more leisure time than ever, so why are we obsessed...


Authenticity – Are You Genuine?

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 15 Leadership Qualities

A true leader must be authentic. Now, this is a popular word and phrase that is usually applied today as meaning that a man or woman must be true to themselves. This is necessarily...