Monthly Archive: September 2012

Internet Takeover? 0

Internet Takeover?

Free speech and government are always at odds.  You wouldn’t think this would be the case, but it is true.  You see, in a society where the news is controlled, your viewpoint is the...

Pretty Cool Code 0

Pretty Cool Code

I’ve seen some pretty cool code before, but this page has some that I’ve never seen.  If you’re a programmer, you’ll get a kick out of these pieces of code. My favorite is the...

8 GB, 1996 vs Today 0

8 GB, 1996 vs Today

Ok, so this is pretty crazy.  What’s even more crazy is that I have a 32 GB micro SD card, and I have yet to get a virus off of one!

How Would You Like 9 hours in a Capsule 0

How Would You Like 9 hours in a Capsule

Because space is at a premium in Japan, hotels have sprung up that are only capsules.  Indeed, you get a small sleeping space, a shared shower area, place to store your clothing, and reading...

How’s Your Typing Speed? 0

How’s Your Typing Speed?

One of the things that I really want to get the kids to work on is there computer skills.  As a homeschooling parent, I have to make sure that my kids get all of...