OfComm Series

Last night was supposed to be an easy night.  I was going to go downstairs to the big, Quad Core, 64-bit box and put together a simple DotNetNuke module skin for a client that I have.

First, I’m moving some content from some other blogs to bigger blogs in the hopes of getting more traffic and doing less work– imagine that.

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windows-7-coming-in-august-160x120 Windows 7 is amazing.  If you haven’t had a chance to read up on it or try one of the betas, Windows 7’s interface and look is something to behold.

I’ve been trying out the RC since I found that my Windows Vista Home Basic was not going to connect to a company’s domain so I had to find a different solution.  What I found was that I really liked the features (especially the new taskbar) such that I found it hard/awkward to use Vista and XP after that!

So, when I started my new part time job this past Wednesday, I decided that if they had access to MSDN, I was going to see about going Windows 7.  I mean, when you’re just starting out, setting up a new system, that’s the perfect time to pick your operating system–and they’re already budgeting startup expenses.

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