Design on the web should be done in CSS files with class references in the HTML markup.  However, many of us happen to do both.

In order to specify a style to apply to an element, you have to either use a class name, apply it to an id, or reference a specific element—and that’s just the start. 

Hence the fact that Jeffrey Way believes that you should memorize these 30 CSS Selectors.

Image by svilen001 on StockExchange.

One of the neat features of the archive pages I have on different blogs that I’ve built is that I can customize them to do almost anything—like showing a post with a thumbnail to the left.  When I attempted to do something like this on the Headway theme, my first thought was to go try and find a way to change the way the post metadata was shown to try to put in the code I needed.

However, Headway already had the feature I desired, something called “Featured Images”, but the problem was that I could not get the Visual Editor to behave.

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