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Extension methods in C# 3.0 made it so that developers can create pretty helpful things on top of the current language.  One developer created CSharpSharp, which he hopes other developers will contribute to in order to create a more fully functioned library.

This has some promise

CSharpSharp is a collection of extension methods and other classes grouped together in order to improve the API of the core of C#. The above example is only one of many other improvements I’ve implemented into the CSharpSharp libraries. The library is still relatively small, but I have plenty of other features ready to be added. The library is free to use for any project. I also plan on opening the source code depending on the feedback and reception in the developer community.

Take a look and see if you’d like to help contribute.

Image by flaivoloka via StockExchange.

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I’ve seen some pretty cool code before, but this page has some that I’ve never seen.  If you’re a programmer, you’ll get a kick out of these pieces of code.

My favorite is the multi-lingual program at the bottom that can be compiled in 7 different programming languages, and if you read the comments, you can compile it both under DOS or linus.  Now that’s pretty amazing.

What’s the most amazing piece of code you’ve seen?