Living as a ChristianOne of the things that I like most about A.W. Tozer is that while reading his writings he makes me want to get closer to God.  You can tell this man had a relationship with God, and even though, after reading as many of his works as I have and seeing the themes, there are still depths to be discovered anew with him.

This book is billed as “Never Before Published” and it reads like a sermon series on the book of First Peter.  One of the chapter headings heads up the feel of the whole book when it talks about how the Christian is a stranger in a strange land.  Many of the passages focus on trying to get the reader to come to grips with and internalize the idea that he is not of this world, that this world does not determine his worth, and that this world has no power over us and cannot harm us because we are not of it.

The Christian, Tozer says, believes what he cannot see, and has hope for the future.  If we could get ahold of this truth, if we could internalize it such that it made a difference in our lives, the power that could be had by us would be amazing.

I-Am-A-Follower_thumbI have to admit, I had high expectations for this book.  The beginning starts out strangely—it asks you to watch a YouTube video and then introduces you to the concept of being a follower, specifically, the first follower.

The author then states that Jesus is like the first dancer shown in the video, and that we are all to be followers, and the first person that stands up is a follower.

With that in mind, I was pretty excited about the book, believing that it would be a lot about how the leadership style of worship is backwards and we really should be followers.  Unfortunately, what I kept expecting and looking for never really materialized.

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LivingInLoveThis summer, my wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.  It seems hard to believe that it was ten years ago that we were standing in her home church exchanging vows and that the time would fly by this fast!

Ten years and four kids later (fifth on the way!), it seemed like a perfect time to be reading a book on how to make our marriage strong and to live in love, and this book did not disappoint!

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