What Kinds of Apps Are You Running on Andriod?

LaptopWhen I first got my gTablet I downloaded a whole bunch of apps.  I grabbed free apps from the Marketplace.  Amazon gives away a free app every day from its Marketplace.  I mean, I was an app downloading maniac.

And yet now, I’m more subdued.  I don’t always remember to bring it to work, and even when I do there are days that it doesn’t come out of its case!

I need to get into a workflow with it.

Do you find any of the 10 Epic Andriod Apps more helpful than what comes standard with Andriod?

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2 Responses

  1. I “purchase” the free app of the day every day from Amazon even if I do not install it. Then, I know that it is available to me anytime in the future should I want it.

    Just hit cancel when it asks to install. The apps are tied to your amazon account so they can be accessed by any device in the future that has the Amazon app store setup on it.

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