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I must type “SELECT * FROM …..” hundreds of times a day. Would it be more efficient to specify the columns or save the SQL so that I don’t have to keep typing it over and over again? Probably. However, in my brain, typing is really fast– probably faster than navigating to the folder to try to find the snippet of code. So I end up typing it over again.

The SELECT command (and I almost always type this in all caps) performs the operation of finding the data from the table or groups of tables that you’re interested in. SQL follows English in many ways, such that what you’re going to enter into the database for a command is something like…Continue reading

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I think I’ve been brainwashed by movies to think that imparting knowledge to the next generation can take place during a 5 minute montage where they go from knowing nothing about coding to being proficient enough to make a difference. At least, that’s the movie that was playing in my head leading up to my first attempt to sit down with them. I bet musicians and other professionals see things the same way when they think about getting their children doing something with them. No one envisions the years of work, the motivation, and the general pain that it takes to put in the time to get to the point where they are in their career. I mean, we were all naturals, right?Continue reading