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Sometime what we write in blogs are very formulaic.  For example, you may participate in one of the daily memes that go around, you may get involved in a Blog Carnival or you may write reviews that have a standard format.  What this usually entails is finding the previous post, copying the text over to the new post and then making changes.

With Windows Live Writer and the Text Template Plugin, this whole process can be a thing of the past.

What this plugin allows you to do is to save the html text into a file which you can then choose to bring back every time you want to start a post using the same template.

In other words, you won’t have to go looking for the last time you participated in that carnival or did a review, you just instantiate the template and fill in the details!

Photo Student 1 used under Standard Restrictions from Stock Exchange.

Have you ever visited a blog and found that it seemed like the homepage went on forever?  I mean, you could read the last 10 posts in its entirety (which has its benefits!), but the page was huge!

If you’re a blog owner, you may want your readers to get a snippet of what you’re talking about and then click through for the rest of the post rather than reading everything from one page—and you can do that in WordPress by using the “more” tag.

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OfComm Series

Last night was supposed to be an easy night.  I was going to go downstairs to the big, Quad Core, 64-bit box and put together a simple DotNetNuke module skin for a client that I have.

First, I’m moving some content from some other blogs to bigger blogs in the hopes of getting more traffic and doing less work– imagine that.

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I don’t know how many of you use Windows Live Writer to write web posts, but today, as I was writing  a post for another site, I noticed that I was having the same problem I had when I tried to post about a different topic:  My images were not loading from Windows Live Writer.

For the one of the posts, I simply created the post, and then uploaded the image and used the WordPress interface to create the post.  Today, when it happened again I decided I needed to fix it.

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