I was wondering how easily it would be to get paid from a free lancing company like Elance and now I know.  After completing the work last Thursday, I received the check today from the company.  That’s pretty quick!

So, now I’m out there again looking for jobs that an be done, and wondering what the next gig I get will be.  I am also curious as to how follow-up work is done.  The company I just finished working for said that they’d have a phase 2.  I wonder if I have to bid, or whether they’ll just come to me!

keyboard work

One of the things that I’ve wanted to do for some time was to free lance.  The romantic notion that one could code from home, in their spare time no less, and make money has always been something that’s appealed to me.

I guess that’s partly because of the way I’m wired.  I’m a family guy, and having children and a family I believe that I should be spending time with them, and you can’t do that effectively if you’re married to a job or making long distance commutes.

So, when I lost my job last winter, and again this summer, I took it as an opportunity to get a chance to try out the realm of freelancing and see if my skills were something that were in demand and if there was money to be made that way.

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