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The Coral Killer – By Anna Travis

A breakup. A rejected delivery. A murder. Add a deadly coral snake at the crime scene and Ruby’s day couldn’t get much worse. Used to the calm life near the Sandy Turtle Cove, Ruby...


If Only Someone Else Would Do the Debugging

There are a lot of adages regarding work to be done that go something like this: 20% of the people do 80% of the work. This is because the character trait of diligence is...


It’s Not Always Going to Be Ok

I don’t know about you, but through my long career as a programmer and then as a team leader, it is certainly possible to feel exactly like this little girl– wondering what you should...


Code Quality And Sinful Human Nature

As a software developer with a lot of code under my belt, I can definitely empathize with the image at the right. Nothing is worse than being tasked with working on someone else’s code...


The Pillar of Light

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The Pillar of Light is a Christian fantasy novel that begins in Brazil, South America. Two missionaries are having a difficult time reaching their local native tribe. They’re about to give up when, in...


There’s Something About the Rain

While everyone loves a sunny day, there’s something about the dark clouds and the rain that really brings things into focus. Everything seems greener, the colors seem richer.


The Household and the War For the Cosmos

Your marriage and family have a greater purpose than living for yourself– living a mirror of Christ on the Earth! God chose the family show forth the greater cosmos in His grand design.


The Forgotten Jesus

There are so many things in this book that have stuck with me that if I were to cover them all I fear that you wouldn’t buy the book and read it for yourself....