Mega Menus Versus the Traditional Drop Down Menu

I don’t know about you, but I find Drop Down Menus very hard to use, especially if the font is small and there are multiple levels.  And if you’re on a phone or tablet, this can make it even more difficult.

One of the more modern designs for menu systems is what is called a Mega Menu.  You can learn how to build a Mega Menu with JQuery via this link, and more information about Mega Menus there.  To see one live you can visit Oracle’s web site, as they have one of the better one’s that I’ve seen.  You can also visit this article that explains that Mega Menus work well for Site Navigation as well as read up on Mega Menus that have gone wrong to avoid the common pitfalls.

Placing all of your items within easy reach is definitely key in world where someone’s navigating with fingers instead of a mouse pointer.

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