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The Power of Loyalty

My daughter’s dog will follow her wherever she goes, or can only be found where my daughter will eventually be. All day long they sit together as she does her school work, and even...


Recognizing Addiction’s Motives

The capitalistic society of the United States runs on consumers buying things that they do not need. To get us to buy these things or to spend our money in this way, things are...


Nothing Worse than Endless Meetings

Solomon was way ahead of his time. In Proverbs 14 we come to the following truth: There is profit in all hard work,but endless talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23 We’ve all been...


Code Quality And Sinful Human Nature

As a software developer with a lot of code under my belt, I can definitely empathize with the image at the right. Nothing is worse than being tasked with working on someone else’s code...


There’s Something About the Rain

While everyone loves a sunny day, there’s something about the dark clouds and the rain that really brings things into focus. Everything seems greener, the colors seem richer.

Slave 0


When reading the rules to the game Othello, you come across the instruction that while the concept or rules are simple, the game will take a lifetime to master.  The concept that this book...

Living As a Christian 1

Living As a Christian

One of the things that I like most about A.W. Tozer is that while reading his writings he makes me want to get closer to God.  You can tell this man had a relationship...

I Am A Follower 0

I Am A Follower

I have to admit, I had high expectations for this book.  The beginning starts out strangely—it asks you to watch a YouTube video and then introduces you to the concept of being a follower,...

Ascent From Darkness 0

Ascent From Darkness

Ascent from Darkness follows the life story of the author, Michael Leehan, through his own eyes.  This first person narrative sounds authentic in its style, and makes you marvel at the depths a man...

Emotional Purity 0

Emotional Purity

I received a copy of Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart from the author, Heather Patenaude, for review.  Written mostly to young ladies, there is much there for the young man as well....