Happy TrailsI don’t know that I knew much about Roy Rogers other than that he sang “Happy Trails.”  It’s funny how the hero of a generation can easily become a name in the next, only to disappear after that.  I’m sure my children do not know about this man, and yet through reading this book I now know a little of the appeal that he had, and the reason for his fame.

This book starts out looking at Roy’s life from birth, and then switches to Dale’s life until finally merging after their marriage to talk about their lives together.  There are some photos of them at about the point that the transition occurs so that you can see what they and their family looked like.

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Living as a ChristianOne of the things that I like most about A.W. Tozer is that while reading his writings he makes me want to get closer to God.  You can tell this man had a relationship with God, and even though, after reading as many of his works as I have and seeing the themes, there are still depths to be discovered anew with him.

This book is billed as “Never Before Published” and it reads like a sermon series on the book of First Peter.  One of the chapter headings heads up the feel of the whole book when it talks about how the Christian is a stranger in a strange land.  Many of the passages focus on trying to get the reader to come to grips with and internalize the idea that he is not of this world, that this world does not determine his worth, and that this world has no power over us and cannot harm us because we are not of it.

The Christian, Tozer says, believes what he cannot see, and has hope for the future.  If we could get ahold of this truth, if we could internalize it such that it made a difference in our lives, the power that could be had by us would be amazing.

The Entropy EffectThe Entropy Effect takes place in the StarTrek Original Series time frame, featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy.  One thing that hits you right away is that while the television series portrayed everyone on board as a humanoid, the book has no such issues.  You find out fairly soon that the crew consists of beings that are far different than humans, and that does make some things more interesting.

Set in the StarTrek world, Mr. Spock is researching an anomaly before the crew is called off to a star base because a former professor of Spock’s has violated a law and needs to be transported to a detention facility.

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So, I have had an idea for a couple of websites that I’ve wanted to create.  It’s not that I have all sorts of time, but I feel like one of the best ways to learn to do something isn’t to work with code that you’re going to throw away, but with a project that you actually want to do something with.

I don’t know if many of you have played with those mobile apps that do allow you to pick meals with a spinner, but I’d love to create my own spinner of sorts—a date spinner!

The concept is that there would be a database of different dates that you could take someone on, and the website would take some information—where you are near, what your favorite foods are, indoor/outdoor, etc—and then come up with a random idea for you to try.  It has all sorts of possibilities!

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binary code 1Alternately titled, learning how to design a site all over again.

In college, I learned ASP.  It was a new technology and it made it really easy for me to develop web pages because I could put in html (which I was comfortable with) and then add hooks where the code needed to go.  I mean, I had done a little cgi (enough to get a person on the hall in my dorm to crash my server with a buffer overflow attack), but ASP was a step up from that.

In my first job I created a whole bug tracking application before there even was a bugzilla, and it may be partially in use today.  There was a problem, though, in that ASP code was typically difficult to maintain.  Many people complain that BASIC lends itself to spaghetti code, and I found that ASP could be worse because you would have code littered in among your html tags, and if you goofed up the special asp tags it could take you a while to find the right place to put your code to get the whole page running again.  Two words: Maintenance Nightmare.

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