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An experiment in a classroom of Chicago sixth graders raises an interesting question–should kids really be consuming so much technology?

Inspired by a language arts unit on the “human condition,” one of the students, Kelley Powell, came up with the tech abstinence experiment. Powell’s teacher, Jennifer Coombs, told the Beacon-News, “Kelley e-mailed me with the suggestion that we go technology-free for a week. I asked the rest of the kids what they thought, and it sparked a great deal of enthusiasm. Over 90 percent of my students opted to take part in this.”

The class quickly realized how difficult to would be to eliminate all forms of technology. So Coombs modified the original idea by having her students only be able to use the technology she had access to in 1983–the year she was in sixth grade.  [Should Schools Go Back to 1983 Technology?]

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