So, Now That I Have a gTablet

FireShot capture #021 - 'Meet the ViewSonic gtablet - gtablet' - www_viewsonic_com_gtablet

Woot had a deal on a ViewSonic gTablet, so at ~ $280 I couldn’t pass it up.  For some time I’ve wanted to try out tablet technology, and I’m definitely liking how intuitive it is to do some things.

That being said, there are hiccups, and I did root the thing.

One thing I like is how many apps there are for it, and yet I still think there are applications that I could build—should I ever get the time.

If I wanted to do that, I would definitely need something like Android Development 101: Preparing your Windows Environment—looks like there are other steps as well (part 2 is mentioned in the post).

Any other suggestions?

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