How to Get The Best out of Your gTablet

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Speaking of my gTablet, the best thing you can do for it is to “root” it.  The hardest part of this isn’t the actual process—it’s making sure you find something that’s up to date.

You see, when the gTablet first came out there was a lot of trouble with performance—and many people returned theirs.  So there are a lot of posts out there talking about it, how much is stinks, and even some of the instructions on how to make it better are out of date.

Other than the fact that some of the links are out of date, this was probably the best place to start:

Viewsonic G Tablet, From Rags To Riches – An Owner’s Guide To Making The Best Of A Great Tablet

Some of the things you won’t need to do (like the question about the market—the market works fine for me).

So, if you have a gTablet, and want help taking it to TNT 4.x, I can be of assistance, or you can start at this page.

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