Grieving_thumbA few months back I was asked to read and review James R. White’s book, Grieving: Your Path Back to Peace (Crisis Points) by my Pastor for my input as far as giving this out to people we knew that had lost a loved one.  At the time, I was unsure who I knew that would need such a book, nor did I really know what to expect.

When I got married to my lovely wife, Virtuous Blonde, back in 2001 I had all four grandparents at the wedding.  Today, I only have one grandparent left—my maternal grandfather.

I have yet to lose someone in my immediate family to death, and yet, by reading this book I can better empathize with those that have lost a loved one.

I believe that the part of this book that struck me the most enlightening was the idea that we mourn because of change—as humans we don’t like change even though we are in an ever changing world.  We don’t like the finality, and being forced to come to terms with the fact that our life has changed and will continue to change and go on without the person that was once an integral part of our life.

White argues that we must go through grief with hope in order to be able not to be engulfed in despair.  We cannot put off dealing with grief, and it is a process.

He concludes with some very practical advice about some of the pitfalls that will come in the following months and years—how to prepare for that first anniversary, holiday, etc.

Overall, I believe this is a great book and would recommend it to anyone who knows someone who is going through the grieving process—either as a gift, or as an aid as you try to comfort them through the process.

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