The Entropy Effect

The Entropy EffectThe Entropy Effect takes place in the StarTrek Original Series time frame, featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy.  One thing that hits you right away is that while the television series portrayed everyone on board as a humanoid, the book has no such issues.  You find out fairly soon that the crew consists of beings that are far different than humans, and that does make some things more interesting.

Set in the StarTrek world, Mr. Spock is researching an anomaly before the crew is called off to a star base because a former professor of Spock’s has violated a law and needs to be transported to a detention facility.

Something doesn’t sit well with Spock, but before he can figure out what it is, Kirk and his new security officer are killed with a lethal weapon!  This leads Spock to follow the professor into a time travel scenario as he tries to repair the situation.

There are side plots that have to deal with Sulu and the new security officer, as well as Kirk and the captain of another vessel.

Overall, this is an interesting book, and a decent read.  It was nice to see the characters in a different setting with a different adventure, but I found that I occasionally thought that the character as portrayed in the book was different than my expectation from watching The Original Series.

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